Hello, I am Veronica Lichtenstein and I listen to people to really understand their point of view first.

Psychotherapy may not always cure a condition or make an unpleasant situation go away, but it can give an individual the power to cope in a healthy way while improving self-esteem and outlook on life. Of utmost importance for success is making sure you feel comfortable talking.

Therapy really is a partnership and should be viewed as such. You will be asked to be an active participant and take a part in decision making. After all, no one knows your situation better than you. Being open and honest are key ingredients to a successful outcome.

Let’s talk and find out what is really at the core of your personal issues. I am ready to really listen to you.

Anger Management

Quid est ira? Ira est affectus qui potentes nimis alienos animos derivantur a uanitate, malum, molestiam, aut destitutione. Duis sit humanus...

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Adjustment Disorder

Adjustment Disorder is an abnormal and extreme reaction to a life stressor that can significantly impact a child’s social, emotional...

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Quid est Operam inordinatio Deficit Hyperactivity? Operam defectubus hyperactivity inordinatio (ADHD) accidere possit adulta liberis et...

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Psychotherapy / Consilarius Directori Psychotherapy aut placebit vecordia sua consilium de variis communicationis artes ad auxilium mutatio...

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